Operating in Calgary, Alberta, This small company offers solutions allowing you to focus on you business growth. Services are provided at a fraction of price of the competitors. JN Accounting provides quality accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax and services to the public for a very reasonable price.

Our company can teach you how to get started and teach you functions on how to keep your own book in order to minimize your costs. our rates are subject to negotiation.

Software experiences:

QuickBooks Pro, Simply accounting. Please inquire regarding other programs.


Hourly, Monthly or annual rates are available. based on volume of transactions. Prices are negotiated at initial meeting, deposit required at startup.

Requests on “Rush” basis create negotiated increase of prices.

  • Affordable rated ans fees
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Senior Citizens are guaranteed a $20.00 flat fee

JN Accounting provides a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services for you or your business.

Income TAX:

Personal Income TAX returns are based on a single tax return price. Additional Charges may apply depending on the complexity of the return. rates increase f the tax return involve s business income. Senior Citizens are guaranteed a $20.00 flat rate fee. Personal tax with electronic filing (no paper) is also available.

GST Reporting:

Available on Quarterly or Annual basis. Please contact us for current prices.

Corporate Tax income:

T2 income tax return service is also available. Pricing negotiated depending on the volume of transpired annual transactions.

Payroll Reporting:

Available Bi-weekly or semi-monthly. Prices depend on the number of employees.